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Inagami is an Elder Dragon, first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G5.

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Inagami is a large mammalian dragon, bearing a typical reptilian appearance but also bearing luxurious patches of fur. Its body is covered in scales that are a dark copper in color, as well as some orange fur patches on its chin, chest, back and tail. It has a narrow jaw with a large number of teeth, suggesting it might be a carnivore. The claws are deep indigo in color and it also has an arrow-shaped tail used for summoning bamboo from the ground.


Inagami has the ability to rapidly grow bamboo and use it as a weapon. It is also able to breath an unknown white substance from its mouth. When injured, it secretes a special substance to patch up wounds and uses it as a special defense while healing.


Inagami is very aggressive towards attackers and will attack anything that disturbs its territory.


Inagami inhabits the Bamboo Forest.

Game AppearancesModifier

Apparitions chronologiques
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None Logo-MHF-G5 (2014) Logo-MHF-Z (2016)
Opus principaux
  • Aucune apparition
Série Frontier
  • Aucune apparition

In-Game DescriptionModifier

Monster Hunter Frontier
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Music ThemesModifier

MHFG5: Inagami Music Theme


  • Inagami's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Inagami's concept is actually suppose to be a "Predatory Kirin", according to an interview.[1]

  • HC Inagami's roar requires Super HG Earplugs to block.

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  1. 「モンスターハンター フロンティアG」の大型アップデート「G5」直前インタビュー。アイルーが活躍する「パートニャー」や新たな古龍種モンスターなどの新要素について聞いた

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